Author of heartfelt contemporary and coming of age romances

Author of heartfelt contemporary and coming of age romances


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Go back to where it all began...

Nick Brunner: angry young man, heir to a surf apparel fortune, forgotten son. 

He sets a chain of events into motion that will change the lives of so many. 

Dive in, and see how it all began.

Click on the link to download your free copy of this short-story prequel. Just like all the rest, this story is intended for the 18 and over crowd due to mature language and sexual content.

The Let Me Series

Let Me be the one


Darcy's life is perfect, right? She's smart, beautiful, surrounded by friends, and has her bright future all mapped out. 

Not quite. 

Everyone is about to find out what she's been hiding and why she ran. And Tom Farrell will be waiting when she finally comes back.

*You can currently download this series starter free from all major eBook retailers.

Let me love you


You can't rely on anyone but yourself. Rene learned that lesson the hard way. She's been going it alone for most of her life and she's been doing just fine, thank you very much.

Then he comes along. 

Caleb Donovan is too good to be true, isn't he? 

He makes her forget. And she lets him in, trusts in this new feeling, accepts his love. 

But love can burn you. Loss and betrayal can leave you reduced to a pile of ashes. 

Will she survive it?

Will he?

Let me go


She's a scholarship student, the daughter of hard-working immigrants. He's a fortunate son, heir to the throne of Cole Industries and the life of wealth and privilege that comes along with it.

Dylan Cole is used to women falling at his feet, but this one, Kasia, doesn't bend for anyone.

Can he convince her to take a chance on someone from the "right" side of the tracks?

let me heal your heart


Years ago, tragedy and loss brought Anna and Declan together. Does time really heal all wounds, or are some buried so deep that the best you can hope for is to be able to carry on, to put one foot in front of the other?

By the time he finds her again, has too much time passed, or are the bonds of our first true love as strong as they feel when we’re young, innocent and consumed with the promise of forever?

let me fall


In the weeks leading up to graduation, Carolyn Harris was the single-most hated member of her senior class. The girl who'd driven the school’s golden boy to his demise. The girl who’d done something sordid and shameful. Exposed in a cruel and very public way, everyone said she got what she deserved.

She used to be the perfect girl, the apple of her parents' eye. But a secret, once revealed, sets a devastating chain of events into motion, destroying everything and everyone in its wake.

Jeremy would do anything to save her, but can you pick someone up who's dead set on falling?

when i let you go


Twelve years ago I ruined my life. Lost the one girl I've ever truly loved and I've been living a lie ever since.
I go home to my wife...most nights. I'm just going through the motions, living the life I was born into, married to a girl predestined for me. It's not my wife's fault, but sometimes I can barely stand the sight of her.
My name is Dylan Cole.
It's a name synonymous with power. I am rich beyond measure, domineering and ruthless when it comes to getting what I want.
But I cannot have her.
This is what happened...When I Let You Go

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