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Me in a nutshell...

I've always been a writer. I could bang out the best research paper known to mankind, compare and contrast like it was nobody's business. But creative writing? I always thought it wasn't my thing. I come from a creative family, but I'm not like them. I'm a pragmatist, not a dreamer. 

A beloved high school English teacher once placed a small patterned box on her desk and prompted, "Go ahead, write something!" That, my friends, was my version of being tortured. I spent most of the class period agonizing over what to write. Ten minutes before the bell rang she called on a student, and the detailed story this girl had come up with simply blew me away. She called on another, and I was left shaking my head in a state of jealous admiration. Who knew an alternate universe was housed in that tiny box?

I went on to study business at a very fine university (practical, right?) but instead of taking the job I interviewed for and was offered, I went traveling for a year. That year changed the course of my life. Once you catch the travel bug, it's hard to imagine spending every day cooped up in an office or riding a crowded New York City subway car back and forth to work. Ultimately, I went back to my roots, and have spent the bulk of my career working with special needs children. Much like parenthood, the experience has been joy-filled, challenging at times, and ultimately rewarding. I wouldn't change a thing.

So writing...

It started as a hobby, something I did on summer breaks and weekends. Somewhere along the way, though, writing began to take over and became...more. I published my first book in 2014 and haven't looked back. I write love stories. I'll read thrillers, historical fiction, how-to books, and just about every other genre known to man, but when I'm writing, I'm exploring the dramas and complexities of relationships and growing up. 

If you've gotten this far, I'm assuming you've read one of my books, so thank you! If I've given you a short escape from daily life, a little romance, or simply something to think about, I'm satisfied. 

And if you have a moment...
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